Tuesday, June 2, 2009

funny pictures and an update

The other day we drove up to Nun's park and walked up to the waterfall in Provo canyon. At the bottom of the waterfall there is a little pool area where everyone likes to get their feet wet. It was really fun and I love that it is only 10 minutes away.

I told Sadie to only get her feet wet. She got daring and well.....hahahaha
(you gotta click on the pic to make it bigger. Her face is priceless)

Jess being crazy ol Jess. I love this pic.

Ash is still in the hospital. They have run some tests and have done some ultrasounds and it looks like the baby has an obstruction or blockage in her stomach. They said it looks different than the "normal" blockage, so they are not 100% positive on what it is. They will have to wait until the baby is born to know for sure. If it is the blockage then the baby will have to come to Salt Lake for surgery. They also told Ash that a blockage can sometimes be a sign of Down Syndrome. She of course is worried about that, but everyone including her high risk doctor feel that everything will be fine in that regard.

They were talking about sending her home (which Ashley did not want) She felt much safer there and likes that the baby is being monitored 24/7. On Sunday she started bleeding and leaking again, so they decided that she will stay for sure the rest of the pregnancy. They said she is actually very lucky because normally women who's water has broken so early usually leak and such whenever they move...but Ashley only has had it that one day.

We are all feeling very positive about everything and she and Chase and the baby are all doing well. Thanks for all the well wishes and prayers. They are much needed right now.

----I find out what I am having next week and I am really excited. I will be totally shocked if this one is not a boy. This pregnancy has been soooo different. Either way though, I am so happy right now. I am loving life.


Addie-buggie said...

Oh good. It sounds like everything is going to be fine. Ashley is one of the strongest girls I know, love that crazy girl! Cute pics of the girls, and fa shore its a boy my pregnancy has been the same way..and it was a boy.

kimberlee shaffer said...

I just read about your sister, I am so sorry! we will for sure keep her in our prayers. I can't wait to see that cute tummy of yours next week!

Carla Kennedy said...

I haven't seen either of you in years, but Becky, you and Ashley still mean the world to me! I'm so proud of you and am excited to see your growing family doing so well. Please tell Ashley my thoughts and prayers are with her.

steph j. said...

Love those pictures. I didn't even know Ash was pregnant, and I really hope everything turns out ok. I'll keep her in my prayers.