Sunday, December 14, 2008

Happy Birthday Sweet Jessie

I can't believe Jess is two already! She makes us laugh all the time and is such a little firecracker. She keeps us all on our toes and gives the best hugs and kisses. One thing that Jessie does is she will pull your arm hair. It's just a habbit of hers and while it makes me want to harm her sometimes, I love that it is something that makes her, her. I am so thankful for healthy babies and for my family.

Happy Birthday Birdie...

(EEWWWW! I am gross)

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

To two of my three favorite ladies.

Happy Birthday Becky and Sadie. I love you guys very much.
Jessie you are going to have to wait a couple more days. Sorry. I tried to have you born on the 10th also.


Today is mine and the Sade's birthday!! We took some quick pictures when we woke up just for fun. They are horible quality, but I will love them forever!!! I just can't believe Sadie is 3!!! That seems so old! I remember the day she was born like it was yesterday! Time flies and I really want to cherish my girls before they start telling me that they hate me and all that fun teenager stuff! haha

Me and Sade in our jammies in my messy bed...

Sadie got this little crazy ball from my mom and dad and thought it was funny it had eyes. The second pictures is her laughing at herself for making herlsef have crazy eyes. She is so funny!

Love you Sade!

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Twilight Mania!

This is pretty late, but I had to post about our fun night a while back when a group of us friends went to TWILIGHT! The movie was great. Yes, cheesy at times, YES, Edward is so hot and YES, very low budget. But for what it was...I loved it. It was just fun seeing the characters come to life. Now that it made BANK, I hope they can make the next one way better...and fix the horrible make-up job on Carlise. Thanks ladies for such a fun night!! And especially Theresa for laughing with me at parts that weren't supposed to be funny! MIKE IS HOT! ;) lol

(I left the red eye in...I felt it made us look like vampires who just sucked on some humans. hahahahaha)

Oh and I saw it again a couple of nights later with my fam and it was SO much better. I could just go in a enjoy it and relax. I caught things that I didn't the first time and felt more of Bella and Edwards relationship. If you didn't care ofr it much the first time....go again!

Friday, December 5, 2008


A little late, but I have been slammed with pictures. We had a blast at Justin's parents house for Thanksgiving. TG is my favorite holiday! I love food and especially love TG food! I missed my family, but am glad that they had a good TG too! Love you Adams'!!! Here are some fun pics from that day. I wasn't really interested in taking many pics and actually Missy had my camera most of the time. Thanks Miss :)

will this work Kate? :)Hope everyone had a wonderful TG!!

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

For Kattie

Here is my post :p Pictures to come...just trying to find my cord to my little camera. :)