Thursday, November 13, 2008

Happy Anniversary to US!!! (part deuce)

I can't believe that we have been married for four years. It really feels like just yesterday that we got married.

I love Becky because...
-I make her laugh
-I make her a better person
-I am SUPER hot
-I am the best dad in the world
-I am very selfless
-I love me

I also love Becky because...
-She has limitless talents (singing & photography)(dancing?). There is a new one every year and luckily all the talents are expensive.
-She is very patient (mostly with me)
-She is always optimistic
-She is a great mother
-She is smoking hot and has beautiful LONG hair
-She is the reason I am a better person today
-Our combined DNA makes beautiful kids

I love you


Rychelle said...

how sweet is this?!? super!

Becky said...

THIS IS HUGE!! Justin blogging???? thanks for the post babe! love ya

Ryan said...


(becky, are you sure you didn't just post this to yourself? lol just kidding)

Kattie said...

Happy Anniversary:) We love you guys and hope you have a fun night without the kiddos:)

Your friend and mine

P.S jay told me to write that, he said Justin will laugh. Whatever.

Lila said...

That is so sweet!
Happy Anniversary!

kimberlee shaffer said...

HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!!! I love you guys. Man you both are smokin hot!!!

Addie-buggie said...

awe! Happy Anniversary guys! So sweet!

April Garvin said...

Happy Anniversary!!

Kami said...

You two are just too cute! Justin, I was looking at the post Becky did and in a few of those pictures I thought you looked like Landon! Weird, I know. I have never thought that before, but there is definantly a resemblance now in your old age :)

Kattie said...

What are you going to leave this up until your next anniversary??? I NEED A NEW POST:)

Kattie said...

I officially hate your anniversary it lasts like weeks and mine only lasts one day:) Thats it, if I dont get a new post by Wednesday (thats 2 days) I am NOT coming for christmas

Kattie said...

You have less than 24 hours, you should probably start panicking:)

Kattie said...

I cant beleive you are going to spoil christmas over one lowsy post, well maybe next year:)