Monday, October 20, 2008


This past Saturday we were invited by some friends to hike the Subway at Zions National Park. It was the funnest, toughest, scariest, coldest thing I have ever done in my life. It's a 9 mile hike, but it's not like its a flat trail. You climb, you repel, you swim through the coldest water of your life.....craziness!!

For those of you who know me well know that I have a CRIPPLING fear of heights!!! I almost feel paralyzed when I am too high. There were a few spots that tested every cell in my body to just move the next step. Justin pretty much had to yell at me to step forward because we were so high and I couldn't move. I was crying my head off and would have stayed there the rest of my life if Justin wasn't there. lol After we did the last repel I almost cried again because I was proud of myself that I actually did it!

Repelling is fun, but it goes against everything you know. Naturally you want to lay flat and hug the rock you are going down and basically slide down on your stomach, but you can't. You have to sit out like you are in a chair. You have to lean back and tell yourself that it's okay, you won't fall. It's so hard mentally!

There are about 5 pools of water that is the coldest water I have ever been in. I have heard about water so cold that you feel like needles are stabbing you and you really can't breathe. That is how this water was. We had to basically swim in it and it was so cold our lungs feel like they close up and you honestly can't breath. It was pretty scary actually. Luckily the pools aren't too long and a few breast strokes and you are out, but there are so many...each one you dread more and more.
*Oh and I must say that we were the toughest or stupidest group out there...everyone else had wet suites but not our group....we stripped down to our undies to go through the water. We wanted to be able to get into dry clothes when we got we sucked up our pride and stripped down....even Justin! LOL Don't expect any of those pictures! ha

All in all it was a total BLAST and I am so glad that I did it. It's kind of like child birth...when you are going through it you think its the worst thing in the world and you will never do it again, but after a day or two your memory fades and you think, "Aww it wasn't too bad, I could do it again." HA! I don't know if I could ever forget how cold that water was or how scared I was of those heights!! lol But, I would consider doing it again...ONLY if Kattie came because I know she would cry with me on the scary parts. LOL

Here are some pics from the day. I am not a nature photographer, but I did the best I could. After a while, I had no interest in taking pics...I was wasted!

*You can click on the picture to see the bigger version!

Thanks Graham for the best time and ofr inviting us!!!! Oh and thanks too to my mom and dad who watched the girls all day for us!! We LOVE ya!!!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Utah? No, Me-tah!

This was a conversation between Sadie and I the other day...

ME: Sadie did you have fun in Utah?

SADIE: Me-tah?

ME: No Utah

SADIE: My-tah?

ME: No,'s a place...

SADIE: I'm not Me-tah mom, I'm a princess.

ME: Of course...

Ha ha..she cracks me up!

Monday, October 13, 2008

Les Mis Baby!

This weekend we took a little trip up to Ivins to visit my parents. It was great! The girls always love it up there! My parent's get to spoil them and the girls love to be spoiled. I got a very much needed nap and just relaxed!

On Saturday night my mom and I went to see Les Miserables. When I was a kid I would turn in the soundrtrack and act out the entire play. I knew every word! When I was little I would dream I was little Cosette, but as I got older I totally wanted to be Eponine. I never wanted to be Older Cosette...her voice was to high and opera-y. I love it now and have finally come to terms that I will never be ANY of them! HAHA. I have seen Les Mis in Vegas, and New York and I have to say the talent was just as good in Tuachan! They were all just so talented and I enjoyed it so much more now that I am older and can understand everything in it.

We were a bit worried all day Saturday because it was pouring rain and the clouds were looking mean. My mom called and they said they were going full steam ahead. We had coats, beanies, gloves and a big fat blanket. It didn't rain at all and started to clear as soon as the play began. We had our hot cocoa and had a great time!

Thanks mom and dad for such a great weekend! The girls blessed you and the dogs in their prayers last night.

Friday, October 10, 2008

You Say Tomato and I say Tomoto

I don't WHY I thought of this but how do YOU say Ramen as in Ramen noodles?

Growing up we ALWAYS said it the 'a' in the short sound. A as in AND. Ramen. But we always got made fun of becuase we were told it is Ramen, long 'a' sound..A as in Raymond. Then I have also heard Ramen...A as in O, sounds like an English accent...

So what's right? Why?? Don't know...just wondering?

Anyways..visit the PHOTO BLOG to help me pick some Christmas card pics...

Wednesday, October 8, 2008


A sweet woman that belongs to the same photography forum that I am at got seriously injured when her laptop that was sitting on her lap caught on fire. Her leg is severly burned and she is undergoing surgery.

Click HERE to read the story and see the pictures of her leg. Please let me warn you that the pictures are very graphic! But I think this is SO important to share becuase I know many of you (me included for sure) work all the time with laptops resting on your laps and beds. That's the beauty of laptops...they are convinient to use anywhere. But I will now use the utmost caution of where I place my laptop.

I would hate for this to happen to any of you, but I would be horrified if this happen to a child or burnt down a home because it was resting on a bed or something that could easily catch on fire.

Send prayers her way and just be careful! I know I will!!!