Wednesday, May 21, 2008


Sadie, Jess and I have been really sick the past couple of days. We have been throwing up, the girls have had fevers and we have all been tired and grumpy. Finally after two GREAT nights of sleep (thank you NyQuil..for me) we are all feeling better!

It all started Saturday when we headed up to St. George to see one of my best friend's growing up (Erika Egbert) get married. We made it up, spent a few hours at my parent's and had to leave before I even got to see Erika because Jess was barfing and had a super high fever. So we didn't even get to go to anything for Er. I am so sorry girl! Love ya and Congrats! But after I got thrown up on, I decided it was time to go home.

The girl's had a doctor's appointment yesterday and he said they had minor ear infections and basically just had a bug and now cold's on top of that. No fun. But we are all feeling better today! Thank goodness. I thought we were done being sick, but with the change in the weather that will always do it!

In other news...Justin cut his mop on his head and he looks so handsome. Most of our friends knew what it looked like (it was crazy long) but he finally decided it was time to go. I love it short and hope it stays this time :)

Also, I need some serious advice!!! My girls are DRIVING me CRAZy with their eating habits. They are constantly wanting to eat, but when I make something they only want a few bites and then the rest ends up on the floor. So I get them down and then 20 minutes later they are dragging me back in the kitchen. I was reading online that kids like to graze. But does that mean that I have to live in the kitchen? It seems as soon as I am done cleaning up their last mess, they want to eat again... HELP! Any ideas?

Thanks guys!


-KJ said...

Yucky! Puking kids are the worst, especially if you are puking too!

So where is a pic of Justin's hair?

As for the girls, I say use a little Love and Logic on them. When they start to throw it on the floor say,"Oh, I am sorry. Looks like you are done." Then take it away. They may go hungry for one night, but they usually snap out of it pretty fast. It worked pretty well for our little girl. Kids are hard with food because you are always so afraid of them starving! I would only feed them at meal times, and a snack between each meal. Then they really aren't going that far in between meals if you have to actually take it away. Did that make sense?

Kennedy said...

I am really glad that you are all feeling better!
Eating habits...Cadence does something similar. She asks for a certain food for breakfastlunchdinner and I make it. She then eats a couple of bits and says she wants something else and throws a huge fit about it. After a couple of weeks of this insanity I made a new rule. Cadence is old enough to pick what she wants and eat it so when ever she does this to me I ask her if she wants to stand with her nose on the wall (our form of time out) until she is ready to eat her food. It usually only takes one reminder (standing with your nose on the wall is really boring)and she will eat most of her food. One time she threw it on the floor. I made her help me clean it all up, then she had to stand with her nose on the wall for two minutes (a minute for each year she is old). When she was done I made her a new lunch (she didn't get to choose this time) and she ate it no complaints. Keep in mind this is all done with a very pleasant voice and attitude. I have had to resort to only one snack between meals during the day as well. That way she is good and truely hungry for meal times. Don't worry, they won't starve! Cadence has skipped lunch a couple of times because she just wouldn't eat it...that meant no snacks until dinner. Those days I think she ate her weight in food at dinner time!
I had reached a point where I couldn't let her keep dictating how meal times went. Cadence had to learn that we weren't going to waste food and that when it was meal time I wasn't joking She does pretty good most of the time now.
Sorry about the book...but I hope this gives you some ideas of what will work with your girls!

Tiffani said...

Aiden likes to graze too. Don't let them drag you back to the kitchen. Kj & Kennedy are right... they won't starve. And if you make them think they MIGHT starve, they'll eat when you feed them the next meal.

Nicole said...

On the food thing I think I've tried it all! I tried letting mine go to bed hungry...but then I read the same thing you did- toddlers tummies are really small and in actuality after about 5 minutes they ARE full. I will also NEVER make a kid finish a plate! I learned in all my nutrition classes in college that the parent decides what and when to eat and the child decides how much. Do your kids drink lots of milk? I cut down on the milk and noticed him having a better appetite. Also when Scott says he's finished eating I just keep his plate with everything on it. If he tells me he's hungry later on in the night, he can eat something from his plate. I don't let him choose for dinner, but I usually give him 2 choices for breakfast and 2 choices for lunch. I also try to think about the day as a whole...if they had a good breakfast or a really good lunch, they probably really just aren't hungry! Good luck!

Kattie said...

Well sounds like you have your hands full of barf and high fevers, yuck! Well I dont know what is wrong with your kids, mine eats every four hours and is sleeping the whole time in between! I think it might be the age difference:) Cohen doesnt have choices yet, milk is his only option, I will let you know in a year what works best for me! I think you should gibe them butter sticks and jars of mayonaise:)

Becky said...

Thanks for your advise you guys!!! I totally appreciate it. I have been working hard with the girls since I posted and things are getting better. I decided that we are going to make some fun placemats for each of them. I also am going to make a grazing tray that I will pull out when they want to snack. (I read it online) Hopefully that helps.