Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Not Much to Say....

...except that Justin's brother and his wife are having their sweet little baby boy, Cohen, this weekend and I couldn't be happier!!!!! We are going up to Provo to be there in support and I can't wait!

Kattie is such a trooper. She has been on bed rest and anybody who knows her knows...that aint such a good combo! But I am so proud of her and just can't wait to see her and Jay as the awesome parent's they will be!! Plus, my first and only nephew will be born and he will be the cutest little baby boy EVER!!!

I hope he has curly hair and is a chunker!!!

Just wanted to share my excitement!!! :)

Wednesday, April 23, 2008


I got the shot....a bunch in fact. I just had to wait till she was ready...BATH TIME is always FUN!!! Yay. Here is one. There are a bunch on my photoblog.

Not Looking Good...

This is how today has been looking as far as getting some good shots of Jess....

A little bit of this...

A few of these....

But mostly this...

I am still determined, so we'll see. hahha...she still crazks me up with all the personality!

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

My goal for Thursday....

Get just ONE good picture of Jessie!!! Arg, that little girl is driving me nuts. The second my camera comes out it is IGNORE MOM TIME!!! But, if it kills me, I am getting a good one of her tomorrow (Thursday)!!!!

Here is one of Sade...yes, another one of her laying down, but she likes it...so I will take whatever she gives me! :)

This actually was taken for my assignment for school tonight. We had to work with window light. I learned how to use it correctly, and I am hooked! I LOVE it!!! This really is just a snapshot, but I like it and of course I think she's beautiful! :)

Fun Contest....

I am currently holding a contest on my photo blog...I would love for you to join! Come play. It is the post under Jeanna Hayes...Here is the link to my photoblog or it is at the top of this page.... Click Here There still is a couple more days to vote...


Monday, April 14, 2008

So Proud. So Inspired.

This Saturday my mother-in-law, Nette, ran her first race ever. Not only was it just a race, but a triathalon. She completed 9th place in her division!!! I am so proud of her. She has been training for the past three months and has worked so hard to get where she is at. Saturday was so amazing! The race was held at Lake Las Vegas. It was a beautiful day! I LOVED the atmosphere. All over were people who were accomplishing such amazing goals! There were woman of ALL shapes and sizes. I don't know why, but I was so emotional watching the race. I just love seeing people doing good things! The race started bright and early at 8am. With two kids, it's hard to be across town that early in the morning, so we missed the start of the race. I was so sad we missed her swimming, but were there as soon as she got on her bike. As soon as I saw her I started tearing up. Everytime she saw us she would lift her arm and waive. I don't have ONE picture of her not raising an arm with joy or one without a huge smile on her face. Here are some fun pictures from that day.

This is right after the first transition from swimming to the bike. She was just taking off at this point. She is the one closest to us.

Here is Nette as she past us on her bike. She made two rounds and each time was waiving at the crowd. All the other races were so serious and focused and Nette was just SO happy to be there! I loved it :)

This poor guys job was to say the same thing about every ten seconds. Everytime a biker passed he had to shout to them, "SECOND LAP STRIGHT, FINISH TO THE RIGHT!" I felt so bad for him. And I was getting so annoyed. LOL

Here is Nette as she crossed the finish line. She was so emotional, which made me so emotional. As soon as she got her medal she ran over to us and hugged Greg. Then she hugged me. She said, "I could cry right now." and I said that I already was, so we just hugged and bawled our eyes out. It was such a wonderful experiance!

Here we are after the race. The girls didn't really know what was going on, but they loved being outside and with all the craziness around. I know they were proud of grandma too!

After the race they offered free massages to the racers. Of course Nette will never pass up a massage, especially when it's free!

Overall, it was such a wonderful experiance that Justin and I are now training for our first triathalon in August. Anyone else want to join us?

Again Nette, we love you and are so proud of you!!! You put a lot of younger girls there to shame! :)

On a nother note...today is my oldest brother Chris' birthday today! HAPPY BIRTHDAY CHRIS!!! We love you so much and are so proud of you too! Chris is in dental school right now and is such a hard worker. We wish we lived closer, but are so proud that you are achieving your goals! LOVE YOU!!!!

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Funny Girl

Mrs. Magoo aka Jessie. Jess is hilarious! Anyone who knows her, knows she has the best faces. She always get's such a big laugh out of people that Sadie will come over and try to copy her just so she can get a laugh too.

Jess kept putting these crazy glasses on and making really funny faces. Everyone in the house was just dying laughing. She was LOVING all the attention. She kept taking them off and putting them back on. As soon as she would put them back on she would laugh really hard and then we all would laugh.

I am sure this face is due to something Justin said. lol

And one for Sadie. She was laying there and I had to snap a quick one.


Wednesday, April 2, 2008


UGH! Math just sucks! Last night in class we had our midterm. Since there was only three of us in class the teacher decided to have the midterm oraly. Fine for anything, but the math questions!! Now it is not hard math at all. But when I am up in front of people, put on the spot, and asked to do math, I promise on my life...I CANNOT think! The math that we were doing is equiviliant exposures (for photography) So simple!!! I could do it all day in my head or on paper, but in front of people...I just got up there and laughed and told him I sucked at math. He was like that's okay, this is so simple. He just didn't get that even if he asked me what 3x4 is...I would have to think for a second and even then I freakin blank. If I was multiplying it in my head at home, it would instantly come, but honestly...in front of people I BLANK! A block comes up and I turn into an idiot! LOL. It sucked, but I sure gave him and the rest of the class a good laugh. Luckily, I wasn't totally embarrased, but still NOT FUN!!!!! lol

Please tell me there are people out there like me and can't do simple math in front of people. We can start an "I Suck At Math therapy group!!!" And while we are there, maybe someone can help me with my spelling and grammar when writing! ahhh, that's a whole other post. lol

VENT OVER! hahaha