Sunday, December 30, 2007

New Year....New Blog

Hi everyone! I decided to change up the blog a bit...I needed a change. I know it's not 2008 for a couple more days, but today I have time and this next week is going to be CRAZY!!! I just wanted to wish everyone a Happy New Year and I hope that you all accomplish anything and everything that you want! I hope that your families are healthy and happy! I have such a great feeling about this next year! I am so excited to start school and continue with my photography! I am so thankful for all the support and encouragement that all of you have given me! Thank you! I have been reflecting a lot and thinking about my life. This is so cheesy, but blogging has been such a blessing in my life! I have made new friends, and have gotten closer to old ones. It has helped me SO much with my business and it's just fun keeping in touch with all of you! :)

My family was so blessed in 2007. In our family there has been a marriage, a pregnancy, and a death. It's funny how life is such a cycle and there are such good times yet in the same year we can endure some of the hardest things of our lives. I am so thankful for the Gospel in my life! Who knows what this next year will bring, but I know that if I have the right attitude I can get through anything. My friend Theresa just posted about this and I think everyone should read it! Thanks Theresa for the great reminder!

Anyways....hope everyone has a fun New Year's Eve and a great year!!!! It will be a blast reading about all the fun things you all do this year! Thanks for letting me be apart of it!

ETA- My goal is each month to change the side pictures in my header of the girls. That way I will make myslef not be too busy to take fun pics of the girls, so keep a look out for new pics in the header each month :)....and also Christmas pictures to come soon. :)


Thursday, December 20, 2007

Introducing Ashley Blake

My little sister Ashley got married this weekend! Yay! It was a long day with it's ups and ONE BIG DOWN! Let me know it's really hard to be anywhere on time with two little kids, a husband and your self to get ready, but you think you would be able to get it together to make it on time to your sisters wedding...NOPE! Not me :/ After Justin and I dropped the girls off to his parents, who were staying his aunts condo 5 minutes form my parents home, we JETTED to the temple..only to be told that we were too late and we could not get in. Yeah, I started BAWLING! They said I am sorry and the best they could do was let me get dressed and I could wait for her in one of the rooms. So I got into the dressing room and lost it. I was crying SO hard. I felt horrible! So I got into the room and one lady had mercy on me and went to the door, poked her head in and motioned for me to hurry up and go in the room. I made it JUST in time. The second my butt hit the seat I cried even harder. I couldn't believe I got in! It was a beautiful ceremony and I am so thankful I got to see it!!! I am sure that for the pictures outside my face was a mess and swolen!

The rest of the day was full of running errands and getting stuff ready for the reception. Thet did hold a beautiful luncheon where I got told I had to give a speech...about two minutes before. grrr. :)

The reception was beautiful and we had a great time! I didn't get to take any pictures because I was so busy being in the line or chasing my kids around. Below are a couple, but most were taken by other people and I just played with them a bit in photoshop. Hopefully when my sister gets her pics back from her photographer she will let me post some. Here are the few we got.


Friday, December 14, 2007

Birthday Fun

First of all HAPPY BIRTHDAY TODAY TO MY LITTLE JESSIE!!!!! I can't believe that she is 1!!! She is so funny! She started out as my little sweet tender heart, and now is such a SPITFIRE!!!! She is a daddy's girl through and through!! As soon as Justin walks through the door when he get's home from work, she wants nothing to do with me! She laughs all the time and loves her big sissy! Happy birthday Jessie-kins!!!

Here are some pics of our TRI-Birthday Party! We invited some of our dearest friends. We went to dinner at one of my favorite places to eat...BJ's and then went to Nette and Greg's house for Elmo cake and some yummy ice cream! (thanks Missy for making the cutest cake ever)

Below are some pics from the party. Thanks Kim for being the photographer! :)

Me, Sadie and Brooklynn blowing out our candles! HAHA!!! Thanks Brooklynn! lol

Here is one where were all three "attempting" to blow out the candles

The Elmo cake Missy made! It was sooooo cute.

That must be a pretty amazing piece of cake! lol

MMMMMMMMMMM...Sade chowing down on her cake. I don't even think Jess had any. I think she was too concerened in playing with all the little people.

Mary MADE these adorable skirts for the girls! Sadie LOVES hers! Everyday she cries to me, "Dwess,dwess" She cried her eyes out that night when I had to take it off to put on her jammies! So cute Mary! You are so talented!

Having fun in all the mess!

Now I know why Jess didn't eat any cake.....she was saving her appetite for the wrapping paper! HAHA.

Anyways, that was our fun tri-birthday night!

Monday, December 10, 2007

Happy Birthday to Sadie.........and me

Just wanted to take a second and wish my favorite first born a Happy Birthday!!!! Two years ago today I was in labor for 28 hours, a lot of pain and scared to death! But at 4:18 in the afternoon little 6lbs. 8oz. Sadie Lynn was brought into Justin and my life. From the moment I saw her I was so excited and so in love! It was the best because we were in the room at Summerlin that is right next to the waiting room. Both sides of our family was piled in the waiting room and could hear everything! They heard me push and they heard Sadie cry. They all came in crying and so happy to meet their grandaughter, and niece! Okay so it just happened to be my birthday too. After it was all over it was the best birthday I ever had and will ever have! It has been the most amazing two years and Sadie and her sister have touched mine and Justin's life more than we could ever tell you!

Sadie is so smart and so sweet. If she ever sees that I am sad or mad she comes right over to me, strokes my hair and says, Okay momma? Okay?. It is the sweetest thing ever.

(Below: the family listening as Sadie was born) SO FUN!

I will post pics of the family party in a couple of days. It's tomorrow and will be a blast!


Tuesday, December 4, 2007


To help everyone get into the Christmas spirit there is a Christmas musical fireside on Sunday at 7:00pm at the El Capitan and Alexander chapel. Please invite all your friends, family, neighbors, and non member friends! It is a perfect oppotunity to introduce investigaters to our church through song and Christmas spirit. Plus who doesn't like Christmas music :)

So come and enjoy! IT WILL BE GREAT!

Saturday, December 1, 2007

DON'T FORGET!...........

What the end of this month is truly about. With my favorite holiday past it is now onto my favorite month of the entire year. It is my favorite month for many reasons. 1. My birthday is on the 10th. WOOOHOOO! Okay so my birthday and Sades and then Jessie's is on the 14th, so nobody really cares about mine anymore ;P Then there is the Christmas lights and decorations. I love going into homes that are so beautiful with their Christmas crafts and lights and yummy smelling foods. I just love it all. I love the memories from childhood of waking up at 2 in the morning with my siblings and trying to wake up and my parents and being told to not come back in till 6am. So my siblings and I would stare at the presents and organize them into our own seperate piles. And then complaining if someones pile was bigger than mine. And always the random fruit in our stocking that would always end up back in the bottom drawer of the fridge. Good times!

But also with this month comes many stresses especially as a parent and a wife. I know I am not the only one to stress about giving my family everything they want and or need to make each Christmas memorable. But I have thought long and hard about this and have really realized that I don't want to teach my kids that the most important thing about Christmas time is stressing about the sales and trying to please them with gifts. I want to teach them that this is the time for giving and most importantly teaching them that this was when our Savior was born! Don't let the commercialism of Christmas that the world has put into our minds rule our Christmas season.

I am always so saddened and shocked to hear when people go into serious debt because they want amazing Christmas' for their family. My cousin who is CSI said their are so many deaths this time of year because of depression from stresses and not met expecations of the holidays.

Let's just all remember what the true meaning of this holiday is. Christ was born! I challenge myself and those who are reading this to instead of worrying about getting gifts for every relative in your family look for those who have nothing. Look for opportunities to serve those in need. They are everywhere! We just have to look!


Happy December!