Wednesday, September 26, 2007

A Few Of My Favorite Things......

These are a few of our family favorites:

We LOVE Costco! You can't beat the prices! We always get our formula, wipes and diapers from there! A few things to look out for the next time you are there:

Pharmacy!!!- I was sick a couple of weeks ago and had to get two prescriptions filled. The total was $10.00. You can't beat that anywhere! Plus, you don't even have to be a member.

Kirkland Household Cleaning Wipes: I hate using rags, so these are perfect...use em then toss em. You can get three big containers for around $7.00 (I believe) And they have three different scents.

When I go the regular grocery store I always have to restock on this:

This salsa is sooooo good. Once you taste this you never be able to even look at Pace Pecante again!! It tastes just like the yummy salsa you get at the Mexican restaurants. I have seen it at Albertson's and Smith's, but I'm sure it's at every store. It is $3.29.

Slow churned is so great! I think it tastes just like the real stuff but not a fattening. We usually buy the regular vanilla and make yummy milk shakes (which are very fattening, so it defeats the purpose, but who cares, right?) It is $4.99.

When we really feel like splurging, we go for the Simply Orange Orange Juice. (EXTRA PULP...mmmmmm) Sometimes you can find it on sale for like $3.00 otherwise it's $4.49 (see what I mean...SPLURGING)

Lastly, we love Redbox at Smith's. You can rent as many movies as you want for only $1.00 per movie. Okay, $1.07 plus tax, but still not bad :) They have most of the latest new releases. Your best bet is to go and you can see what movies they have at what locations. When you get there, just look for the BIG RED BOX! :)

Just to name a few........... :)


RJ & Sherrelle said...

We love Costco too... In addition to all the great deals, the taste testing and cheap hot dogs and pizza are the Best!!! We definitely never leave Costco hungry.

Candace said...

Costco is great. It is also nice when you get recommendations of good things from people. I will have to try that yummy sounding salsa.

Becky said...

Sherelle, Oh man, we love the tasters. It's especially nice when you have fussy kids and can just keep stuffing food in their mouths!

Candance, the salsa is the bomb! :)

Kennedy said...

Costco rocks! Last time we were there Cady told the old guy that had a bunch of cheese samples that his cheese was stinky. She still wanted to eat that stinky cheese though! Kids...everything is easier if you have access to food!