Friday, August 31, 2007

You Gotta Love a Good Chick Flick

Last night I had to get out of the house. Luckily for me my sister-in-law Missy wanted to get away too. So we went to a movie. Yep! Justin got home from work and within ten minutes of that I was out the door. It was soooooo nice to get out with out kids stepping on my heels! We went and saw Becoming Jane. WOW!!! Amazing! I loved every minute of it. I have been reading Sense and Sensibility by Jane Austen and so this movie was exactly what I wanted to see. It was based on the life of Miss Jane Austen. Although I am sure it is not very accurate, I don't like to think of that part. The love story in this movie was so great. I left the theater balling my eyes out. The only other movie I did that at was The Notebook. So embarrassing. But I did not care, I loved it! Missy and I were on the edge of our seats in love with Tom Lefroy, (James Mcavoy) Jane's love interest. And then we would curl up in a ball in our seats and giggle like little second grade girls. She kept whispering to me, "I am in love" and then I would say back, "Yah, do you think he would take me, Justin and our two kids?" He was so charming! Anne Hathaway, who I usually don't care too much for, impressed me so much. I loved her in it! She made her character so believable! The movie was filled with great lines and really had such a great love story!! If your husbands are like mine and refuse to sit through two hours of a sappy love story, then I advise you get with a friend and go to the theaters NOW!!!! And bring lots of Kleenex!!! :)

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

A Little Piece of Heaven

This last weekend we went to Brianhead. It was a blast and very relaxing. We went with Justin's parents and our dear friend's Nate, Kim and Ireland. Justin's mom works for an oral surgeon, Mont Ringer, and he let's us use his cabin whenever we want. I think we go more than his family does. We go a couple times a year and it is always so fun. We rode four wheelers, went for nice walks, ate way too much and read, read, read!!! This cabin is right on the side of one of the slopes when people ski and snowboard in the winter. It's nice because we can just jump right on the slope and ride down to the lift.....very convinient. We never do all that we plan to do, there never is enough time up there. But is was fun and relaxing! We missed you Jay and Kate!!!

Sadie discoved you can blow the dandilion.

The Earl's and Shaffer's at the lookout on top of the mountain.

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Daddy's Girls

My friend D'On had this on her page and thought it was too funny. People always tell us their opinion of who the girls look like more, but I can never tell. I kind of think both of the girls look more like Justin, but it's hard to say. What do you think?

Tuesday, August 21, 2007


Don't worry everyone! In case you were wondering Crystal Palace is alive and WELL! Last night my sister-in-law Missy and her two friends Joe Christensen and Patrick Pfau had a tri-birthday party (if you will :)) The only rule of admitance was you must wear early 90's attire. So funny and soooo sick at the same time! As soon as we walked in all the memories came flooding in my mind. Couple skating, hokey pokey, and the oh so beloved chicken dance.. dunnna nunna nunnna nuh, dunna nunna nunnna nuh, dunna duh duh duh duh duh duh duh...You know what I'm hummin. Anyways....some of the guest that were in attendance were............

Dylan Mackay 90120(Justin) Left Eye TLC (Missy) Donna Martin 90120 (Becky)

You all thought TLC was over? Nope they were all there last night. Left Eye is alive!!

The Hoff even showed. Don't worry he was sober last night!

Wayne's World! Excellent! Wayne and Garth were awesome!

It was a great night and had a blast celebrating my lovely sister-in-laws Birthday!!! Love you Miss!

Monday, August 20, 2007

Something to Read

I really need something good to read. I have finished my Twilight series for now (till the next one comes out next year). So I need suggestions of some good books. I am so sick of what is on tv right now and would so much rather just curl up in my bed and get lost in a different world :) Soooo... I am currently reading The Thirteenth Tale by Diane Sutterfield and it is not keeping my attention. I want to read the whole thing, but I can't stay focused with it. I love action, suspence and of course a great love story. I was talking to Mary yesterday and we were talking about how everyone should read the classics ie: Wuthering Heights, all of Jane Auten's books, etc. Has anybody read those? Are they really confusing or hard to follow? I would like to start one, but if anyone has any better suggestions, that would be great!

So what's a good one?

Thursday, August 16, 2007

The Many Faces of Miss Jessie...

Oh man, this little baby is always cracking us up with her funny faces. She has so much personality and is such a light in our home! Jessie is just like her dad and can never hide her true feelings from showing on her face.
Some fun things about Jessie are: Jess makes Sadie cry about three times a day. We say that Sadie has the bark, but Jessie has the bite. There are no worries about Sadie picking on her litte sister. Jessie can definitely hold her own with her big sis. Jess is smiling about 90% of her day and is always laughing. Jessie was a much easier baby than Sadie from the minute she was born. She sleeps well through the night and we just put her in her crib to fall to sleep. We could never do that with Sade. (She cried for over three hours one night)Jessie takes a pacifier!!!Yay! Jessie already loves to wrestle her daddy. She puts up a pretty good fight too! She idolizes her big sister. She followers her around everywhere! We love her so much and we are so glad that Jessie came when she did! Love you Jess Jess.

Monday, August 13, 2007

You Can Make That Out To....Me

I found this on my friend Dave's blog. He sent one to his mom. I love this. I always wondered how much I would make if I got paid for watching my kids, cleaning, and all the other stuff I do. Mine came out to be a lot but I estimated time on my crazy weeks, but even $100,000 less would be JUST FINE!

But this is the truth isn't it...."Being a full-time mother is one of the highest salaried jobs... since the payment is pure love." - saying by Mildred B. Vermont

Go to and at the bottom clock the link to Mom's Salary Wizard. It's kind of fun.

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Is It Worth It?

Justin and I are really big on food storage and having preparedness kits ready. I have always heard to have food storage and it seems lately the church has really been pushing 72 hour kits. How many preparedness enrichment nights have you had in the past year? I know our wards have had A LOT! But, I never really thought too much of it or really got into it. Until I had children. In the world today and with all the scary things that are going on, I could not live with myself if something happened and I couldn't feed my kids. I couldn't look into their eyes and tell them I have no food because I didn't heed the council of the church. Then I thought, okay what are the chances of something disastrous happening here in Vegas? We don't have tornadoes, we can't have hurricanes, there most likely won't be an earthquake big enough to harm us, so what is there fires or a drought.?. Those are two big things. But even if we didn't have a fire or a drought what if your husband lost his job and neither him or you could find work, food storage can serve for many different things. So, we decided it was important that we get it together.....

Now, how and what do we get. I don't can, I couldn't even tell you where to begin with it. I have no clue what a wheat grinder is or even looks like. I thought to myself,, okay we live in the latter days, there has to be a better, easier and more modern way to keep some food around for a couple of years. One day at Costco we spotted the Food Supply Emergency Buckets. We decided this was our best bet. They are great. The kit is designed for 2 people for six days. There is food and blankets and a couple other things. So far we have two. BUT, they are about $100 each.

A couple of days ago a friend in my ward called me and suggested that I check out a company out of Utah, Daily Bread... The website is: They sell food storage already packaged. They take out all of the liquid, so to make it all you have to do is add water. She gave the guy my number and he came over yesterday (he is a kid who goes to UVSC and is down selling these things for the summer, one of those things). He let me try the food. It wasn't half bad. Although the package I tried had 400 calories in it. Yikes..but I guess if there is a potential of you starving, the more calories the better. Soooo. what to do. They are pretty pricey. For the smallest package (3 months) it's almost $1,500.

What do you think? What do you do? Should we continue with the buckets? Should I go with this new company or should I suck it up and learn to can? Help!

Tuesday, August 7, 2007


Today is my little sister's birthday. Ashley is 19 years old today. I can't believe it. I don't feel old at 23 but when your youngest sister turns 19 it does make me feel a tad bit old. I am so proud of you Ash.

10 of SOME of my favorite things about Miss Ashley:

10. Ashley is very sweet most of the time BUT you do not want to cross her or try and take advantage because she WILL put you in your place.
9. Ashley says whatever is on her mind.
8. Ash is very compassionate and cares very much about people's feelings.
7. Ashley is very funny. She has my sarcastic sense of humor.
6. Ashley has always been such a great example. She is very spiritual.
5. Ash is very smart. She always got WAY better grades than me.
4. Ash loves people easily and hates people never.
3. Ashley is very forgiving.
2. Ash is very talented in almost everything she does.

Sis, I couldn't have asked for a better sister. You are the best. The following are some funny memories from our childhood:

-When I attended the Community College High School my senior year Ashley would come with me and hang out in my classes.
-Ashley would also go to work with me at The Beehive Newspaper and she was there so much my boss put her to work and even paid her. You were what 14 years old.
-When Ashley was about 4 or 5 we were at out neighbors house and we couldn't find her and then my friends mom found her naked in the grape vines eating all the grapes. We have a picture, but I don't want to embarrass her too much.

HAHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA. OH MAN, THE 90'S WERE JUST BAD. I love us in our sporty Adidas track suits. Hhhhhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.

Love ya Ash. Have a great birthday.

Monday, August 6, 2007

Seeley Family Reunion

This past weekend we had a great time at the Seeley Family Reunion. The Seeley's are Justin's moms family and they are hilarious! Justin's mom, Annette, has 5 sisters and one brother. The sisters are best friends and they are so funny. The reunion was at the Little Creek Ranch in Paragonah, Utah. It is a HUGE cabin with tons of fun things to do. They had volleyball, white trash golf, shooting competitions,paintball, four wheelers, crafts, a scavenger hunt for the kids and many, many very competitive games of SCUM.
The picture to the right is a picture of a really fun volleyball game we had. We had a great time and as you can see of course Sadie had to be right in the middle of it all. Then the horses came. The entire time I was so excited for Justin's uncle Kent to bring them. You see, I grew up with horses. We had three when I was little. But, one time I was bucked off of our oldest horse and I have been scared to get back on ever since. But it seems that I forget my fear of getting up on them. So I was all excited and then he came and then I got on. I really started to have a panic attack. I was freaked out! I rode for like a minute and then was begging to get off. Like two hours later I guess I forgot what had just happened and I was asking Justin to go on a ride with me. As soon as we got on I was freaked out again. We were on one horse and Justin's brother Jason and his wife Kattie were on the other horse. This time the boys made us face our fears and we went for a long ride. Our horse knew I was about to pee my pants and I swear it was messing with me on purpose. It almost tripped like three times and then it started trotting. I really almost lost it then. I begged Justin to let me off and I would walk back but he wouldn't let me. I finally convinced him to take me back and I practically jumped off. Looking back I was quite a weeny but, I really couldn't help it. I don't think I will be going on a horse...ummm.... ever!

All in all, it was a great time. But, by the end we were ready to come home. Justin said it just right, "There's nothing better to leave home and there's nothing better coming back." So true. Below is a slide show of some more pictures of our fun adventure.

Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Just Because

Sadie has been making me laugh so hard lately. I love this stage. She tries to copy everything Justin and I say. So I thought I would brag a little about my first born, Sadie.

Words Sadie is starting to say:
Hello = e-yo
Food = foot
Sorry = sowwy
Boring = Bowing (Funny story: A couple of Sundays ago during the opening prayer in Sacrament Meeting,it's totally quiet. All the sudden, you hear the prayer and Sadie yelling "bowing" (boring). I almost died. Of course, Justin thought it was hilarious.
Elmo = Melmo
Barney = berny
Milk = meeilk
Bye = buh bye, she ya
Color = culah
She says a few words perfectly: cookie, two, hi.

I don't know when her hair will grow out, but that smile makes me laugh.

Justin was mopping the floor for me and Sadie decided she wanted to bathe in the dirty mop water. I tried to get mad, but again I couldn't stop laughing.

This time I did get mad. :)

Sadie loves to be apart of the action. She is our little chef.

This is what quiet sounds like at our house.

Sadie loves her bath. When I say, do you want to get in the bath? She tries to rip off her shirt while running to her bathroom.

Sadie loves her pal Calvin Stuart. The two were born 4 days apart.

Quirky things about Sade:
-She is 100% thumb sucker!
-When she sucks her thumb she always has to rub her ear lobe.
-When Sadie was a baby she would NEVER take a pacifier and she was too little to keep her thumb in her mouth, so whoever was holding her had to stick their pinky finger in her mouth.
-When we change Sadie's poopy diapers, she puts her whole hand over her nose and says eeewwww.
-When Justin and I wrestle, Sadie always cries and runs to me. She loves her momma.
-Sade loves to point out each facial feature and try and say them.
-She likes to grab my belly fat and say, ow ow ow.
-Whenever the doorbell rings at our house she says: "uh oh"
-Sadie and I share the same birthday.
-Even to this day our neighbor tells us we have an adorable little boy.
-She hates stray hair on her. She grabs it and runs to me and says, eewww, and has the most disgusted face on her.

Sadie's favorite question:
Whassat? (what's that)

Sadie wants to say hi.....dhggfvdscsevggvfvcs.... so there ya go.

Sorry this is so long and I'm sure boring for you all, but I just wanted to brag for a minute about my favorite first daughter named Sadie. Don't worry my favorite second born daughter will get a high lite another day.