Thursday, June 21, 2007


I guess you have to copy and paste..It won't link straight to it...worth it.

You guys...this is seriously helarious. My sister-in-law Missy showed us this and we were crying we were laughing so hard. You have to have a special kind of sense of humor to enjoy this. I think it's great, but funny.

It is a real letter to someone and this guy reads it in a halarious voice...

ps- there are a few swear words...sorry about that, but too funny. Give the sound a second. It takes a minute to start.


Mary Stuart said...

I just like the guys laugh at the end! This is so you guys!

The Earls said...

I know it's's pretty funny that he like laughs through the whole's stupid, but pretty funny. It gets funnier the more you listen to it.